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The Simplest Way To Provide SSL Certificates For Your SaaS product's Customers

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UserCustomDomain provides a SSL certificate instantly for a SaaS product's customer to use a one's own domain. It brings benefits including security, additional SEO weight, and a independent brand experience. Without a SSL certificate, a browser will warn a visitor about security.

Normally, in order to manage many SSL certificates dynamically, you must build a complex infrastructure which is exhausting and time-consuming. UserCustomDomain makes it easy.

How does it work?

1. Register your original domain with us.
2. Ask your customers to change CNAME target to ''.
3. Register your customer's domains with us.
4. Enjoy!


Managed SSL certificates

UserCustomDomain generates, stores, and renews SSL certificates automatically signed by Let's Encrypt.

Instant deployment

Once a custom domain is added, it is secured instantly.

End-to-end security

All traffic between a browser and your origin server are encrypted to protect against snooping and MitM attacks.

Safe private data

UserCustomDomain does not log or store any data from the traffic or your server.

Enhanced SEO weight

A custom domain with SSL carries more SEO weight, and all contents are applied directly to SEO growth.

Painless integration

No need to change your server to integrate UserCustomDomain.

Whitelisted domains

All accesses with an unverified domain cannot reach to your server.

Unlimited resources for one simple price

14-day free trial - No credit card required

- Unlimited custom domains
- Unlimited traffic
- Auto-renewal of SSL certificates
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